New multi-cam studio for City Varsity.

February 20, 2017     / / / / /

City Varsity recently launched a new multi-cam studio at their Braamfontein Johannesburg campus.


The South African city of Johannesburg is the country’s hub for film, television and music and that focus on the creative industries spells opportunity for those interested in fields like production, design, and multimedia technology. City Varsity school of media and creative arts plays an important role in the education of young talent in the region and access to professional equipment is essential. So when the school recently launched a new multi-cam studio at their Braamfontein Johannesburg campus they chose to outfit it with Elation Professional broadcast-optimized lighting including TVL CYC RGBW™ cyclorama wall wash luminaires, TVL Panel DW™ softlight luminaires and DW Fresnel™ LED lights.

Elation’s South African partner The Production Warehouse (TPW) was responsible for consulting and installation on the project from start to finish, including design of the lighting rig and installation of the lighting, rigging and control equipment. According to Marnus Nieuwoudt at TPW, the wide range of color temperatures that the Elation fixtures offer, as well as the power savings of the LED were key factors when choosing to go with the Elation products along with the wide zoom range of the DW Fresnel.

The TVL CYC RGBW cyclorama wall wash is used to light the studio’s green infinity wall, the curved backdrop surface used in broadcast and photography to blend the floor and wall together, creating a seamless background. The TVL CYC RGBW houses COB LEDs for a more even light distribution with better color homogenization, and an elliptical beam angle gives a broad, asymmetrical wash of light. Floods of seamlessly blended color and linear variable white color temperature presets (7200K – 3200K) make it an exceptional broadcast luminaire, ideal for infinity wall floodlighting.

The TVL Panel DW softlight luminaires and DW Fresnel LED lights are used for general floodlighting, as well as front lighting and back lighting for both the infinity wall and the studio area. The TVL Panel DW, Elation’s new dynamic white soft light luminaire with 480 cool white and 480 warm white LEDs and linear color temperature control, work as 45-degree front lights and as side lights on the studio section and at 45 degrees for the infinity wall.

Equipment inlcuded:

– ChamSys MQ40N Console

– 12 x Elation DW Fresnel

– 6 x Elation TVL Panel DW

– 6 x Elation TVL CYC RGBW

– 2 Custom Rigging Grids