ChamSys MQ80

October 29, 2015     / / / /

ChamSys announces the new MagicQ MQ80 compact console – 24 universes direct from the console.

The MQ80 has a large central touch screen, full size faders and blazing fast graphics for a great response when working with media.

12,288 DMX channels in a compact package, proven to run at full speed with all channels fully patched via ArtNet, sACN, PathPort Net and ShowNet. In addition there are 4 fully patchable direct DMX outputs on the rear panel, MIDI, SMPTE, a 4 port network switch and a built in uninterruptible power supply.

MagicQ Compact consoles are designed to travel. The current line, in their soft cases, are all “carry-on” compliant for any airline in the world. The slightly larger MQ80 will fit in standard checked luggage in a flight case.

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