Capture Atlas released

May 10, 2016     / /

Capture Atlas has been released and boasts a range of new features including better design views and physically based rendering.

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  • Presentation file

    Presentation file

    Export your project as a small EXE file so that it can be viewed without having capture installed.
  • Focus on target

    Focus on target

    Right click to focus on a specific point & save the pan/tilt information as a pallet on your controller.
  • Shutter visualization

    Shutter visualization

    Capture supports frost filter, barndoor and shutter cut visualization.
  • Plots & Paperwork

    Plots & Paperwork

    Easily create plots, reports & other paperwork in Capture
  • Design Views

    Design Views

    Capture introduces some major changes in how the views of Capture behave.

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  • Physically Based Rendering

    Physically Based Rendering

    Capture introduces "Physically Based Rendering" providing a more realistic lighting response from surfaces and improves the look of materials in the visualizer.

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  • Complete Library

    Complete Library

    Full AtlaBase library of Objects, Filters, Materials, Gobos, motion controllers, Lighting Fixtures, Media Fixtures (LED Screens, Projectors Lasers etc) with on-demand addition of missing items.


What’s new
The main new features of Capture Atlas are physical based rendering and new design view behavior, which you can read more about in the following blog posts:
Physically based rendering in Capture Atlas
New design views in Capture Atlas

For an overview of all new features of Capture Atlas, please read:
Key features of Capture Atlas

Minimum requirements
Capture Atlas offers new rendering settings that allow for greater flexibility of rendering quality vs. performance and does not introduce any new hardware requirements as compared to Capture Argo. In order to run Capture Atlas on Mac OS X, version 10.9 or higher is required. For Windows, a 64-bit installation of Windows 7 or higher is required.

Argo and Polar compatibility
Project files made with Capture Polar and Capture Argo open right away in Capture Atlas. Project files created (or resaved) in Capture Atlas cannot be opened in neither Capture Polar nor Capture Argo. Capture Atlas does offer the ability to export a project to Capture Argo though.

Upgrades from Polar and Argo
Upgrades from Capture Polar and Capture Argo to Capture Atlas can be purchased through The Production Warehouse.

Capture Polar and Argo to Atlas Upgrade Paths

The future and upgrades
It is Captures ambition to release a new product once per year and when a new product is released, our existing customers will be offered to upgrade their licenses to the same edition of the new product. You can read more about their intentions in this blog post.

Capture Atlas Student Edition
A Student Edition of Capture Atlas will be made available within a couple of weeks of the release of Capture Atlas. Please check our web site or follow us in Facebook or Twitter to learn first!

Capture Atlas Comparison Table

Capture Atlas Comparison Table

Capture Atlas Comparison Table

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