ChamSys Announces New QuickQ Console

April 20, 2018     /

The new ChamSys QuickQ series of consoles is designed to put more powerful lighting control in the hands of students, theatre/house of worship volunteers, and programmers, regardless of experience level or budget.

Now it’s more feasible than ever for programmers of all skill levels to take advantage of the benefits offered by the renowned ChamSys operating system. With the new ChamSys QuickQ consoles, users will get a taste of the power and flexibility that has made the company’s more advanced MagicQ lighting consoles the choice of many of the world’s most prominent designers and programmers.

The new ChamSys QuickQ series of consoles is designed to put more powerful lighting control in the hands of students, theatre/house of worship volunteers, and programmers, regardless of experience level or budget. Even established professionals will find the quick and easy console to be a valuable tool for running smaller-scale shows.

Available in three models, QuickQ consoles feature an intuitive smart-phone-like interface, and a conveniently large 9.7” touchscreen. Helpful prompts and videos accelerate the learning process, making it easy even for inexperienced users to set up, program and operate the console.

Among the console’s user-friendly features are easy-to-understand buttons and faders, simple color selection menu, readily accessible intensity control tools, and fingertip controlled zooming and scrolling.

The versatile QuickQ consoles keep users connected, with built in Wi-Fi capabilities that allow it to be controlled from a tablet or phone, both of which can also serve as a second external monitor. Plus, the console comes with free downloadable offline QuickQ programming software for Mac and Windows, including a fully rendered MagicVis visualiser.

QuickQ users can also program their designs on a computer, save them on a flash drive and load them onto the console. Show files can be saved on the console and replayed via the consoles’ simple cue/chase system for playback.

All QuickQ console models use ChamSys’ extensive and continuously updated personality library with over 22,000 fixtures. The consoles support RDM, allowing them to detect, patch and configure RDM compliant fixtures such as the CHAUVET Professional Ovation, COLORado and COLORdash, without the need to address and set the mode manually for every fixture. QuickQ consoles use the new QuickQ software, and their show files are compatible with the more advanced MagicQ show files, which enables users to progress freely throughout the ChamSys range.

The three models in the QuickQ series are:

  • QuickQ 10 – Supports 1 universe, features dedicated hue and saturation control encoders for controlling LED and traditional conventional fixtures and 20 fixture faders.
  • QuickQ 20 – Having all of the features of the QuickQ 10, the QuickQ 20 supports 2 universes and includes 4 Attribute Encoders for controlling moving lights.
  • QuickQ 30 – With all of the features of the QuickQ 20, the QuickQ 30 has 40 fixture faders and supports 4 universes.

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