Elation DTW Blinder

October 19, 2016     / / / / / /

Introducing the Elation ‘Dim-to-Warm’ IP Rated Blinders.

The Elation DTW 350IP & 700IP Blinders have accurate renditions of traditional tungsten halogen lamps with extremely smooth dimming, IP rated body and manual adjustable pan focus.

The IP65 rated DTW Blinder 700 IP features (4) high powered 175W 2-in-1 Warm White/Amber COB LEDs while the DTW Blinder 350 IP features (2) high powered 175W 2-in-1 Warm White / Amber COB LEDs.

elation-dtw-blinder-700-ip-mainviewELATION DTW BLINDER 350 IP frontviewELATION DTW BLINDER 700 IP rearviewELATION DTW BLINDER 700 IP sideviewELATION DTW BLINDER 700 IP frontview

They also feature a wide 78° beam angle, full color temperature range control plus independent Dim-to-Warm channel control (1,800K – 3,200K), easily attachable 25° narrow beam filters (included), pixel control, manual adjustable pan focus, variable dimming curve modes, strobe effects, flicker free operation for TV and Film, RDM (Remote Device Management), IP rated DMX and power in/out connections, LCD menu display with 4 touch button control panel, integrated yoke and side mounting brackets, and a multi-voltage universal auto switching power supply (100-250v).


The DTW Series also features other products including the DTW PAR 300 as well as the DTW BAR 1000.

elation-dtw-bar-1000-frost-and-shield-w-text_2 elation-dtw-par-300-frontview_2