GIS LPM250 Hoist

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The new GIS LPM D8 hoist has a SWL of 320KGs and a self-weight of only 12KGs!

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With a weight of only 12 kg, the LPM is the lightest among the electrical chain hoists in the entertainment industry. It is modern and compact in design with modular construction. The 3-stage transmission and the 5-pocket chain wheel lead to very
quiet running in operation. The slipping clutch is outside the drive train.

Below you will find a couple of arguments which speak for the LPM hoist:

Profile steel chain
The phosphate coated and casehardened profile steel load chain enables a chain diameter 7 % smaller than round steel chain with the same load capacity. This allows a more compact design of the drive mechanism, which reduces the weight of the hoist.

GIS Profile vs round chainGIS Profile Chain

Spring brake
The DC spring brake allows safe braking of the load with minimal overrun. This proven brake system is highly reliable and easy to maintain. A second brake can easily be mounted on the existing shaft and optionally independently monitored.

GIS Hoist brake systemGIS LPM CAD

Chain container
Due to the slewable suspension of the chain container, the electric chain hoist can be used as a stationary or climbing hoist without modification. With mobile use on tour, the resulting time saving is particularly valued by the stage crew.

GIS Profile ChainGIS LPM 250 hoist

Polygonal connections
A real innovation is hidden inside the chain hoist. All shaft-hub connections are built to a polygonal design. This allows significantly faster disassembly and assembly during maintenance and reduces service costs.


Protection class IP65
A feature of the design is the protection class IP65, it is both dust-tight and protected against water jets. With its compact and robust design, the LPM is ideally suited for outdoor use.

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