MagicQ Stadium Wing

Mar 19, 2019    

The MagicQ Stadium Wing is the latest, most advanced ChamSys wing designed to operate at the highest level of show control. Built to work in tandem with the MagicQ MQ 500 Stadium console or MQ80 Compact console.

The MagicQ Stadium Wing is packed with useful technology to enhance the show programming and playback process. It features 30 Playbacks which are separately pageable as 15 Fader Playbacks and 15 Execute Playbacks. All Playbacks feature full electronic legending on screen.

It also has and 4 Encoders which are multi purpose. They can be assigned functions from the Execute and other MagicQ Windows to enhance playback performance.

The Wing incorporates a full HD multi touch display with adjustable viewing angle and gesture support. The display connects directly to the video output from a MagicQ MQ500 or from a MagicQ MQ80. Any MagicQ Window can be transferred to the display on the Stadium Wing.

In addition to all the human/machine interface tools it provides, the MagicQ Stadium Wing also facilitates communication between the console and the lighting rig. It includes 4 DMX outputs, which expand the number options on how to connect all the lights to the console. It also has an inbuilt UPS for added reliability.

The MagicQ Stadium Wing connects to the MagicQ console via a locking Neutrik USB cable.

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